Mumford & Sons – Believe

They went electric!

This is the like our generation’s Bob Dylan switching to electric from acoustic. Not to compare Bob Dylan and Mumford and Sons, but I am extremely excited for this new album!


Nicky William – What if [pop – folk]

After Nicky Williams misunderstanding of a cover song that was taken as an original by the public, he’s back with a strong pop song that show his interesting vocal style. looking forward to seeing the future of this potential artist. Williams is easily a future star in the making, especially with songs like this that showcase his unique style

Red Hot Chili Peppers working on new album with super producer Danger Mouse

Consequence of Sound

Red Hot Chili Peppers are the latest group of high-profile rockers to enlist the talents of super producer Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse.

In a since deleted tweet, Chili Peppers bassist Flea confirmed Danger Mouse as the previously mentioned “unnamed producer who is really challenging us to find new ways to come up with new music.”

“The new album is shaping up good,” drummer Chad Smith explained in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “We’ve done the ‘guys get in the room and jam out songs, everybody playing together all at once’ thing. And we wrote a bunch of songs that way. And we’re now going to try another method that will be really challenging for us and will bring new, exciting results for the band. We’ve written and recorded in a way that we’ve never done before, so the record is going great. We all have high…

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What the Parklife Festival founder does to scalper will make any festival goer happy

If you have gone to a major music festival you realize how tough it can be. Scalpers are despised by anyone ever to buy tickets. While in some areas ticket scalpers have only tried to make a small amount of profit, many have found the large amount of profit they can make reselling high priced festival tickets. As one could guess these people are not that smart.

Tickets for Parklife early bird went on sale last week, for 80£. With only 10,000 tickets being sold, so scalpers can seem as a problem to regular festival goers. But when one scalper expose himself on the festivals Facebook, the festival founder takes it into his own hands.

music festival-tickets-parklife



Many festivals have been trying to fight against scalpers, and why it doesn’t seem to be stopping them we all know that there is a special place in hell for these people. So props to Sacha Lord-Marchionne for stepping up for those who actually enjoy live music!